State-of-the-art energy efficient solutions…

Sunseeker Energy has spent years researching and developing our category-leading range of cost saving energy products, all based on the idea of providing you with affordable, efficient solar solutions that work harder for you in a wide range of conditions.

The Sunseeker Energy advantage lies within our unique range of Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems products.  We have succeeded in magnifying the sun’s energy onto a radically smaller, non-silicon photovoltaic cell. Our systems work harder with fewer materials, so you get more efficiently harvested green energy and your customers get cheaper, cleaner, renewable electricity.

In fact, our CPV systems are so efficient that in the same space as it takes ordinary flat panels to power 1 average home, we can power 3.

And when you buy Sunseeker Energy solutions, you buy yourself greater freedoms, higher energy security, and greater independence from the grid.

Please take a look through some of our products and if you’ve got any questions, no matter how simple or technical, we’ll be happy to run through the answers with you.

Please note – we’re not able to supply products for the home solar market…our efficiencies are designed for large-scale industrial solar energy applications only.